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Aimed to conquer brain diseases

AIMEDBIO is a spin-off company from Samsung Medical Center (SMC) established in August 2018. AIMEDBIO aims to provide therapeutic solutions to patients with serious brain diseases, including neuro-oncological and -degenerative diseases, to save patients' lives and improve patients' quality of life. Based on solid global networks with key opinion leaders in the field, an excellent research team with profound achievements, and R&D pipelines with an outstanding drug development platform, AIMEDBIO is an emerging leader in innovative brain disease treatment.

The brain, the major constituent of the CNS, is the most sophisticated organ that controls most of the activities of our body, using 20% of total energy intake. To prevent this important organ from various toxic substances, the human body has a highly controlled and protective environment for the brain, such as the blood-brain barrier (BBB) and brain-specific immune systems. Therefore, it is hard to see effects with ordinary treatments in brain diseases, and drug development for the brain is very challenging. However, since brain damage regulates the overall immune system, - especially brain tumors, which significantly impact the effectiveness of immuno-oncology drugs, unmet clinical demands in the treatment of brain diseases are increasing even more.

AIMEDBIO specializes in the clinical development of brain diseases. We have established a brain-oriented multi-disciplinary solution, combining safe and commercially available technologies. For example, smartphones significantly improved people's quality of life by integrating the existing phones, cameras, computers, TVs, and cards. Likewise, AIMEDBIO's brain-oriented multi-disciplinary solution will improve patients' quality of life by successfully developing novel drugs for brain diseases combining the existing technologies.

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