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What is the key to treatment of brain diseases?

While there are many companies working on therapeutics for brain diseases, successful treatments have not been developed yet. We believe that no single method is enough to tackle the current obstacles of treating brain diseases, and that it’s important to combine the different approaches to crack the code. AIMEDBIO’s biggest strength lies in the fact that it is positioned in an environment where these different approaches are available. We call the coalescence of these approaches a “brain-oriented multi-disciplinary platform”.

With our CEO and many clinical advisory board members who are actively engaged in patient care, AIMEDBIO is in a good position to identify clinical unmet needs. Based on this understanding of the patients’ needs, AIMEDBIO uses its brain-oriented multi-disciplinary platform, consisting of largely five parts - big data, antibody-drug conjugate, blood-brain barrier penetration, brain immune modulation and patient-derived model (PDC/PDX), along the development process of therapeutics for brain diseases.

Our primary objective is to bring innovative therapeutics for brain diseases from bench to bedside.

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