Press Release

Press Release

  • (2022-09-13) Aimedbio joins ‘Lee Kun-hee’s support for children with cancers and rare diseases’ with its precision medicine platform AVATASCAN®
  • Aimedbio announced on the 13th that it was awarded a grant from ‘Lee Kun-hee’s support for children with cancers and rare diseases’. Aimedbio will receive up to 1.12 billion KRW as research funds, conducting research on the implementation of precision medicine for childhood solid cancer through genome-integrated analysis and ultra-efficient drug screening. Aimedbio plans to expand its previous joint research on childhood cancer with Seoul National University Hospital to a nationwide multi-institutional pediatric solid cancer drug screening study. AVATASCAN® was selected as one of the datasets referenced by the pediatric tumor board at Seoul National University Hospital for clinical decision-making.

    "Since we can provide personalized drug suggestions based on the patient's own samples, we expect it to have a positive effect on the prognosis of pediatric brain tumor patients," an Aimedbio official said. "We will try to establish a pediatric cancer precision medical infrastructure to improve the treatment response rate of childhood cancer in Korea."



    About AVATASCAN®

    AVATASCAN®, developed by Samsung Medical Center and AimedBio Inc., is a robust and accurate high throughput functional precision medicine platform with more than 1,500 historical sample data. AVATASCAN® has tested more than 1,500 cancer patient samples across 14 different tumor types, including glioblastoma, lung, colorectal, stomach and breast cancers. A retrospective analysis of the clinical outcomes of patients given matched drugs demonstrated actual complete/partial response in 85% of AVATASCAN® screening responders.

    Aimedbio has successfully transferred the AVATASCAN® technology to CBmed, Austria, and signed a commercialization license contract with Avatamed, Singapore, to provide early-access premium precision medicine service to East Asian countries.

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