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Press Release

  • (2022-04-19) GeneQuantum and AIMEDBIO collaborate on a First-In-Class Antibody -Drug-Conjugate
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    Aimed Bio Inc. has signed an agreement with GeneQuantum Healthcare (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., a Chinese company specializing in site-specific bioconjugation for next generation biotherapeutics, to co-develop a First-in-Class therapeutic antibody drug conjugate (ADC).  Aimed Bio, a spin-off company from Samsung Medical Center, is focusing on developing innovative antibody-centric drugs for brain diseases with few treatment options.  Additional details were not disclosed.


    The collaborating ADC is a first-in-class asset with highly differentiated antibody against a unique target, a stable linker design and a novel payload with a strong by-stander killing effect.  The resulting ADC is expected to treat brain and other cancers with huge unmet needs.  


    Dr. Dohyun Nam, the Founder & Chairman, CTO of Aimed Bio and internationally renowned neurosurgeon with 32 years of experience in brain tumor & CNS diseases commented: “Aimed Bio has been successfully expanding its R&D pipeline for the past 2 years, and I am pleased to start this collaboration with GeneQuantum. After evaluating the data, the linker-payload and conjugation technology GeneQuantum provides proved to be very safe and effective.  With the best antibody and brain tumor expertise of Aimed Bio, I believe the collaborating ADC will bring a tremendous impact on the field. We look forward to initiating clinical trial as soon as possible.”


    Dr. Gang Qin, the Founder & Chairman, CEO of GeneQuantum, commented: “As an innovative antibody+ company, we look for complementary partners to maximize value of our platform technology.  Aimed Bio not only has differentiated antibody acting on a unique target but also has deep knowledge and expertise in the field of brain tumor & CNS diseases.  This collaboration is based on an excellent match between the two companies to generate a FIC ADC. Through close partnership, we are thrilled to bring revolutionary therapy for those patients without efficient treatment at this moment. “  


    The new drug is expected to enter IND in 2023. 


    About AIMEDBIO Inc.

    AIMEDBIO is a spin-off company from Samsung Medical Center (SMC) established in August 2018. AIMEDBIO aims to provide therapeutic solutions to patients with serious brain diseases, including neuro-oncological and -degenerative diseases, to save patients' lives and improve patients' quality of life. Based on solid global networks with key opinion leaders in the field, an excellent research team with profound achievements, and R&D pipelines with an outstanding drug development platform, AIMEDBIO is an emerging leader for development of innovative therapeutics against diverse brain diseases.


     About GeneQuantum Healthcare (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.

    GeneQuantum Healthcare (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. is a high-tech biopharmaceutical company dedicated to the development of innovative biotherapeutics. The company is focused on the development of a next generation of bioconjugate therapeutics to meet the unmet medical needs of cancer patients globally. For more information, visit

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